Settings Page

The Settings page contains options for connecting to a license server, setting hardware locking criteria, specifying the usage log file location, and updating the License Administrator. Click the Settings tab on the left side of the License Administrator to view the Settings page. The settings in the Settings page only affect the License Administrator.


The Settings page sets the server and is used to check for updates to the License Administrator.


License server section

The License Server section contains the License server and Activation server address settings.


Licese server

The License server setting determines which server's information is displayed on the Status and Manage pages. There are two methods for selecting the license server:

  1. Click Change next to the License server name.

  2. If you know the resolvable server name or IP address, select Enter license server name and type the name or IP address in the License server field. If you do not, select Search for license server and click Search to begin searching the network for servers. Select the desired server from the list once the search is complete.

  3. After selecting or specifying the License server, click Select to save your change.


The default License server value is localhost. When License server is set to localhost, the License Administrator receives information from the license manager running locally.


License server hardware locking section

The licenses for Golden Software products are locked to specific hardware upon activation. The default Lock selector is 0x3010. The Locking code is generated from the Lock selector and the properties of the computer running the License Administrator. Note that the Locking code value shows the locking code for the computer running the License Administrator regardless of the License server setting.


Custom hardware-locked licenses can be generated for customers who cannot activate a license with the default Lock selector. After contacting technical support and requesting the custom-locked license, the Lock selector value must be changed by clicking Change and then selecting the correct selectors for the license. The custom-locked license can be activated after the Lock selector value is updated. Standard Golden Software licenses will not activate to a server if the Lock selector value is not 0x3010.


Other settings section

The Other settings section contains the RMS Usage logfile path setting, a Check for Update command, and web links.


RMS Usage logfile path

The RMS Usage logfile path specifies the location of the usage log file for reading the file with the Usage information page. The path is C:\Windows\SysWOW64\lservsta by default. The RMS Usage logfile path setting only specifies where the License Administrator can find the log file, and it does not change where the server writes the log. See the Gemalto Sentinel RMS 8.6.2 System Administrator Help for information on changing License Manager usage log settings, including file path.


To change the RMS Usage logfile path,

  1. Click Edit next to the RMS Usage logfile path setting.

  2. Type the path to the server log in the RMS Usage logfile path field.

  3. Click Save next to the RMS Usage logfile path setting to save the updated setting.


Activation server address

The Activation server address is a read-only value. This is the URL of the server that performs license activations.


Manage maintenance

Click Manage software maintenance to open My Account on the web. Log in to your account to view licenses and make changes.


Register your product keys

Click Register your product keys to open My Account on the web. Log in to your account to view licenses and make changes.


Check for update

The License Administrator automatically checks for updates when it is started. A notification appears if an update is available. However, you can check for updates at any time by clicking Check for Updates to download and install any available updates for the License Administrator.


Create support file

Click Create licensing support file to create a zipped folder for the Golden Software support team, if necessary. After clicking Create licensing support file, select a location to save the file in the Browse for Folder dialog. The support bundle includes logs, license, and usage information.


More information

The Settings page also includes a link to the Golden Software support site where you can find technical information on the License Administrator and Golden Software products. The License Administrator version number is displayed at the bottom of the Settings page.



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