How to Activate without an Internet Connection

If your license server does not have an internet connection, you can generate an offline activation request on the Activate page, receive a license string from Golden Software, and then add the license string on the Manage page. If your license server has an internet connection, use the standard activation process.


  1. Click the Activate tab to view the Activate page

  2. Paste or type your concurrent-use license product key in the field on the Activate page.

  3. Click Create offline activation request to generate the request. The Browse for Folder dialog is displayed.

  4. Select a location to save the request in the Browse for Folder dialog, use a network location or removable drive if possible.

  5. Transfer the file to a computer that has internet access.

  6. Email the file to Golden Software's support team will activate the license to your server's locking code and email you the license string.

  7. Click the Manage tab to view the Manage page.

  8. Click Add license string to open the Add license strings dialog.

  9. Paste the license string you received from Golden Software support in the Add license strings dialog. If you received more than one license string, you can paste each string on a new line.

  10. Click Add license string in the Add license strings dialog to add the licenses to the server.



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