How to Connect to a Remote Server

The License Administrator runs in viewer mode when connected to a different server on the network. The License Administrator is used to view current usage and some license information while in viewer mode. For remote license management, it is preferable to use a remote desktop connection, such as Windows RDP, and run the License Administrator directly on the server.


Viewing current usage

Change the License server setting to view the license information and current usage for a server on the network.

  1. Click the Settings tab to view the Settings page.

  2. Click Change next to the License server name.

  3. If you know the resolvable server name or IP address, select Enter license server name and type the name or IP address in the License server field. If you do not, select Search for license server and click Search to begin searching the network for servers. Select the desired server from the list once the search is complete.

  4. After selecting or specifying the License server, click Select to save your change.


The Status tab is enabled if the server was found. Click the Status tab to view current usage information.



List of differences

The License Administrator has runs in viewer mode when running on a different computer than the license server. The license server must be located or specified in the License server field on the Settings page. The following table explains the differences when running the License Administrator remotely.





The Activate page is not available when connected to a remote server.


The Manage page displays much of the same information when connected to a remote server. However, the License Administrator cannot display the Product key and Activation ID. Licenses cannot be updated  on a remote server. License strings cannot be added or deleted from a remote server's license.


The Status page displays current seat usage. The functionality is the same as when connected to a local server.


The Deactivate page is not available when connected to a remote server.

Usage information

The Usage information page is not available when connected to a remote server.


The Settings page is nearly the same when connected to a remote server as most settings only affect the License Administrator application. The Show selector list command is removed when connected to a remote server.



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